Logo’s Story

Hong Kong Institute of Mediation, HKIM is dedicated to promoting mediation to different sectors of the society – resolving disputes and conflicts through negotiation, in order to cultivate a harmonious and cooperating community.

Our logo consists of two parts:

1st Part:   

friends of mediation

The green periphery represents ‘Friends of Mediation.  It consists of green bands linking three small circle


three pots

The three small circles stand for two parties in dispute and an independent third party – the mediator


three green

The green bands mean the satisfactory outcome and peace through their collaboration
And each circle itself is composed of ‘Friends of Mediation’, which propagates along



2nd Part:

three parties

The centre of the logo shows three people – the green as mediator, the purple ones as parties in dispute. 




The two parties work hand in hand to achieve agreement.




IM-pngThe three figures together form the letters ‘I’ and ‘M’ – the abbreviation of Hong Kong Institute of Mediation.


HKIM logo‘HKIM’ inside ‘Friends of Mediation’ carries two meanings.  One, the effect of mediation can only be maximized in a community which advocates resolution of conflicts through negotiation.  Two, HKIM is committed to facilitate networking of ‘Friends of Mediation’ in order to promote mediation in the society.


Different colours carry different messages:


Green – peaceful and calm as a personal quality of mediator


purplePurple – mixture of red and blue.  Red gives a sense of hostility while blue gives perfect peace.  After mediation, even the parties in dispute cannot turn from red to completely blue, the agreement can still fulfill the needs of each individual and thus turn to purple


HKIM hopes that with the widespread acceptance and usage of mediation as a tool for conflict resolution, our society can become more harmonious.

HKIM logo





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