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The body is established to  set standards for accredited mediators, supervisors, assessors, trainers, coaches and other professionals involved in mediation in Hong Kong, and to accredit them on satisfying the requisite standards.


Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre (HKIAC)

An independent body to assist disputants to resolve dispute by means of arbitration and alternative dispute resolution. It is also the parent organization of the Hong Kong Mediation Council. Provides resources and support in promoting mediation in Hong Kong.


Hong Kong Mediation Council (HKMC)

The Council (HKMC) is set up as a division of the Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre (HKIAC) in 1994 to promote the use of facilitative mediation in Hong Kong


Hong Kong Mediation Centre

One of the first mediation centres in Hong Kong to provide mediation services in the commercial, family and community sectors.


Centre for Restoration of Human Relationship

The Centre provides youth and student services and assist people in restoring interpersonal relationship by promoting the use of restoration practice in Hong Kong.


Hong Kong Family Welfare Society Mediation Centre

One of the first mediation centres set up by a non-governmental welfare agency to provide different kinds of mediation services for people in Hong Kong, including family, divorce, peer and parental mediation.


The Hong Kong Catholic Marriage Advisory Council

The Council is one of the earliest bodies in Hong Kong to provide marriage and family-related mediation and counseling services.


Office of the Ombudsman, Hong Kong

An independent organization which deals with grievances and address issues of maladministration in the public sector. It also provides mediation services.


Equal Opportunities Commission

A statutory body responsible for implementing the Sex Discrimination Ordinance, the Disability Discrimination Ordinance and the Family Status Discrimination Ordinance in Hong Kong. It provides conciliation services for complainant.


Home Affairs Department – Building Management

This section of the HAD gives advice to owners of private buildings on building management issues. It also provides mediation workshop regularly for members of the Incorporated Owners.


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