Seminar “淺談婚姻輔導、婚姻調解與家事(離婚) 調解之分别及應用” & Annual Members’ Gathering on 2016-08-06

Workshop “Skills of Removing Emotional Obstacles” on 2016-05-31

Workshop “Conflict Management Coaching on 2016-04-23

Annual Party on 2016-01-15

Workshop “How to Deal with Our Inner Struggles When Conducting Mediation with Parties”by Bryan Lung on 2015-10-29

Annual Members Gathering with Seminar “What is Conflict Coaching?” on 2015-08-15

Seminar “Apology & Conflict Resolution” on 2015-08-15


Seminar “Complaints Handling by Consumer Council” on 2015-04-16

Land Administration in HK workshop presented by Mr Herbert LEUNG on 2015-03-20

Annual Party on 2015-01-20

Role play practice with mediation skill video display on 2014-11-30

Role play practice with mini-talk “Listing Agenda” presented by Ms Christine Lam on 2014-10-25

Role play practice with mini-talk “Questing Skills” presented by Peter Ma on 2014-09-20

Role play practice with mini-talk “ABCs of Litigation” presented by Vod Chan on 2014-08-16

Annual Members Gathering & “How to Prepare to Mediate a Personal Injury Case” on 2014-07-12

Restorative Justice Practices – Essential concepts and practices of Victim-Offender Mediation on 2014-06-06

Role play Practice with mini-talk “How to preparing Question” presented by Lily Lai on 2014-05-10

“Dealing with Difficult and Challenging People” on 2014-05-05

家校調解工作坊 on 2014-05-05

 “How to prepare for a mediation case” on 2014-04-04

Seminar for HK Principal’s Institute on 2014-03-27

Seminar for HK Principal’s Institute on 2014-03-24

Mediation Workshops for Principals & Teachers on 2014-03-22

“Managing conflicts, planting the seeds of peace” for Mediation Week

調解分享講座 on 2014-02-27

Annual Party on 2014-01-16

Roly play practice with mini-talk “communiation” presented by Cindy Fong on 2014-01-14

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