Application Procedure


1. Initial Briefing and Consultation
Submit your request to HKIM. Our Scheme Administor will contact you to further discuss your problems, explain the process of mediation and furnish further details of procedures

2. Case Assessment 
The HKIM will assess whether mediation is a viable option to resolve the dispute.

3. Intake & Convening 
Initial interview with the mediator and the mediator will convene the case with all other parties  involved.

4. Preparation
HKIM will assist the parties to prepare the necessary documents including the Mediation   Agreement, authorization letters, setting out the rules and terms of the mediation process.  Preparation meetings may be held prior to mediation to facilitate communication of the parities.

5. Mediation
For each case in the Scheme, a maximum of 9 hours (3 mediation sessions, each of 3 hours) will be arranged.

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